About Us

Founded in 1977, Weigandt Real Estate Ltd. has become a leader in the local real estate market. We specialize in producing results! Our in-depth knowledge of our market, hard work and high degree of ethics and honesty have allowed us to become a leader in our industry.

Weigandt Real Estate Ltd. helps both buyers and sellers achieve their goals through their vast knowledge of the market and years of experience. After all, there is no substitute for experience. With over 40 years of full-time service, Weigandt Real Estate Ltd. can offer their clients an unparalleled level of knowledge, insight and service.


The area's only full service real estate agency offering:

• Ohio state licensed real estate brokers

• Ohio state licensed auctioneers

• Full staff of licensed real estate agents

• Residential, agriculture, commercial and industrial representation

• Sellers agents

• Buyers agents

• Real estate appraisals and market analysis

• Design/Build of residential, commercial, industrial and new construction

• Residential/Commercial/Industrial subdivision planning and development

• Largest inventory of developed commercial and residential building sites in the area



Current Active Listings

ID #3340
204 N. Cleveland St.
Minster, OH

3 BR
1 Baths
1120 Sq ft

ID #3325
417 E. Fifth St.
Minster, OH

2 BR
2 Baths
1424 Sq ft

ID #3315
72 N. Lincoln St.
Minster, OH

4 BR
1 Baths
1371 Sq ft

ID #3295
147 Reed Street
New Bremen, OH

4 BR
4 1/2 Baths
3571 Sq ft

ID #3280
129 S. Garfield St.
Minster, OH

3 BR
1 1/2 Bath
1935 Sq ft

ID #3270
5900 North Corporation Road 36
Minster, OH

5 BR
3 Bath
3256 Sq ft

ID #3235
15 Wabash Street
Ft. Loramie, OH

4 BR
2 1/2 Bath
4625 Sq ft

ID #3110
336 N. Main St.
Minster, OH

South Unit
Retail Area
2154 Sq ft

ID #3105
336 N. Main St.
Minster, OH

North Unit
Retail Area
2186 Sq ft