Land Development

Land Prospecting
Weigandt Real Estate Ltd. specializes in land acquisition of both small and large tracts, joint ventures with land owners, land development, and developing and selling lots to home builders and commercial/industrial developers. We are experienced land development professionals who explore land acquisition opportunities and determine if the available land is in a prime location for residential and/or commercial/industrial development.

Before acquiring land, Weigandt Real Estate Ltd.:
- Conducts a feasibility study
- Conducts a location survey
- Conducts market studies/research
- Creation of financial budgets
- Evaluate return on investment ratio calculation

The Development Process
Decisions to develop land are made once Weigandt Real Estate Ltd. has met stringent, self-imposed requirements. Upon deciding to develop land, our land development professionals, Weigandt Development Ltd., will work with the seller of the land to minimize tax liabilities and manage other needs as they may arise. Please refer to this link for further information.

Full-Service Developer
Our expertise in land acquisitions and development in unparalleled. Also unequalled is our ability to develop and maintain excellent relationships with suppliers and government agencies, making us the ideal development partner for both local and out-of-area companies.

Local subdivisions developed by Weigandt Real Estate:
- Forest Lane Subdivision - New Bremen, Ohio
- McGovern Estates - Troy, Ohio
- Oak Point Subdivision - Minster, Ohio
- Deer Crossing Subdivision - Minster, Ohio
- Park Place Subdivision - Minster, Ohio
- Liberty Estates - Ft. Loramie, Ohio
- Woodland Subdivision - Botkins, Ohio
- Mallard Point Condominiums - Lake Loramie, Ohio




Current Active Listings

ID #3340
204 N. Cleveland St.
Minster, OH

3 BR
1 Baths
1120 Sq ft

ID #3325
417 E. Fifth St.
Minster, OH

2 BR
2 Baths
1424 Sq ft

ID #3315
72 N. Lincoln St.
Minster, OH

4 BR
1 Baths
1371 Sq ft

ID #3295
147 Reed Street
New Bremen, OH

4 BR
4 1/2 Baths
3571 Sq ft

ID #3280
129 S. Garfield St.
Minster, OH

3 BR
1 1/2 Bath
1935 Sq ft

ID #3270
5900 North Corporation Road 36
Minster, OH

5 BR
3 Bath
3256 Sq ft

ID #3235
15 Wabash Street
Ft. Loramie, OH

4 BR
2 1/2 Bath
4625 Sq ft

ID #3110
336 N. Main St.
Minster, OH

South Unit
Retail Area
2154 Sq ft

ID #3105
336 N. Main St.
Minster, OH

North Unit
Retail Area
2186 Sq ft